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Active Traders

The platform active traders can't afford to be without

FXall now combines the most sophisticated capabilities of a leading active trading platform with the January 2010 purchase of Lava Trading Inc, now part of FXall. The two platforms have been fully integrated to offer clients deep liquidity, sophisticated order types and ultra-low latency connectivity.

No other foreign exchange partner offers so much on a single platform. That’s why FXall is the industry leader, delivering the integrated liquidity, trading and workflow solutions that give active traders an edge. Foreign exchange markets are more dynamic, fragmented and volatile than ever. Liquidity, speed and execution choices are critical. But solutions created for yesterday’s markets can take the “active” out of your trading in today’s conditions. High-frequency traders need a platform that takes them to the next level. FXall delivers.

FXall isn’t just today’s best platform for active traders – it will be tomorrow’s as well. With our strong balance sheet and capital position, we will continue to make the investments needed to make FXall the platform active traders can’t afford to be without.

Aggregating more liquidity from more sources
FXall is integrated to almost 100 of the world's leading foreign exchange market makers, creating the deepest source of liquidity in the market.

One platform, multiple strategies, products and order types
FXall has brought together the tools to let you trade the way you want, when you want, with access to the most diverse pools of liquidity.

High performance
FXall’s market-leading technology lets you trade with the market, not behind it.

The right partner
FXall is more than a platform. We’re a partner whose interests are aligned with yours, one you can trust and rely on, today and tomorrow. 

Streamlined integration and workflow with better control and compliance
Hedge funds and other active traders are placing a new emphasis on efficiency, risk management, and compliance; that’s why they use FXall Trading.

"The combination of FXall's deep liquidity and control and compliance solutions is a superior and comprehensive offering that enables us to further strengthen our position in the market,"
Tatsuo Shigemitsu, SBI Liquidity Market