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We support prime brokers and broker-dealers in building their client relationships

Market leading functionality delivered directly to your customers
The ability to offer FXall's trading services to your customers - from cutting-edge trading and workflow tools to access to almost 80 of the world's largest foreign exchange market makers - is a big competitive advantage. Your customers trade more because they have access to the most advanced FX trading platform on the market. FXall is fully flexible, enabling you to create customized services that meet your clients' business requirements.

FX confidential
Broker-dealers and prime brokers need to be able to assure their customers that trade information will remain in confidence. Only FXall Trading provides that reassurance. Trade details remain completely confidential between the customer and counterparty, and are never published to the market.

A continuous stream of deep liquidity
Bank Streams in Aggregator deliver a continuous stream of deep liquidity in all market conditions. By sourcing liquidity from multiple counterparties, FXall ensures there is always a price available when you and your customers need it. Aggregator, Portfolio Order Management System and QuickTrade are offered side-by-side, providing 300+ liquidity streams, 500+ currency pairs, multiple products and order types.

More than just execution
FXall's award-winning post-trade processing solution, Settlement Center, will take care of all the post trade administration including prime brokerage give-ups, reporting and automated download of transaction details directly into your accounting systems through QuickConnect.  

Offer our Enterprise Solutions to your customers
FXall offers the technology which powers its various liquidity platforms to customers on a hosted, installed or white label basis. 
The technology portfolio supports a range of trading styles and a range of workflow applications to help traders, salespeople and end-customers do their job more efficiently.

Find out more about how FXall partners with the leading broker-dealers and prime brokers to enhance your client relationship. If you would like further information about how we can work together, please contact us.


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