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Collaborative Dealing

FXall's powerful Collaborative Dealing feature combines robust functionality with one-on-one collaboration with your market maker to give you unprecedented command of your FX trading. FXall Collaborative Dealing lets you manage a complete portfolio of trades across multiple accounts, currencies and value dates. The result? Greater efficiency and more control over execution costs and risk.    


Use Collaborative Dealing to:

  • Manage phone-in orders
  • Work larger orders over a period of time without worrying about “time out” on the trade blotter
  • Send Benchmark orders
  • Consolidate positions to obtain better rates and avoid crossing market bid/offer spread  

Additional Features:

  • Different views:  
    • Actual Order Detail provides you with the details of all of the trades that you uploaded
    • Currency Pair Summary allows you to view the breakdown of trades by currency pair and also nets currency pairs with mixed dealt currencies to give you an approximate amount in the base currency
    • Currency Summary shows all trades that involve a particular currency and is most beneficial if you have multiple crosses or you are interested in seeing your net exposure in a particular currency. If you only trade, for example, vs USD, it will break it down on the screen and show you which currency pairs are included in the blotter of trades. The banks have the same views as the client so they can easily see what the net of all the trades is and reach out to get the best and most accurate price based on the net amount. You also have the ability to delete orders off this Collaborative Dealing tab and they will return to the regular blotter.
  • Ability to send batch to a single bank of your choice
  • The chat feature allows you to communicate directly with your sales trader – when the trade is sent to the market maker they get notified and pick up the transaction to view the details. The display on your blotter changes to PICKED UP and the chat feature becomes activated.