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Money Markets

FXall offers Money Markets Deposits & Money Markets Funds

Money Markets Deposits

Handled manually, money market trading can be time-consuming and prone to error. FXall’s Money Markets Trading enables you to effortlessly automate every step of the process, saving time and reducing operational risk.

Our fully disclosed trading module ensures you benefit from your bank relationships. FXall enables you to request prices for fixed amounts and execute with a single market maker. Money Markets Trading extends the multi-dealer, automated quoting model that FXall offers in foreign exchange, letting you replace multiple phone calls with a single click and bringing full trade lifecycle automation to loans as well as deposits.  

Key Benefits:

  • Automate time-consuming processes: Instant access to prices and trade executions eliminates the need to place orders by phone
  • Operational cost savings: Automate your middle and back-office, enhance efficiency and reduce costs due to manual errors
  • Improve IT ROI: Lower your development costs and improve your performance through a low upfront investment in FXall’s ASP (Application Service Provider) implementation
  • Facilitate Straight-Through Processing (STP): Seamlessly integrate your treasury management system to eliminate the need to re-key daily rate and trade confirmations
  • Automated audit trail: Track trading activity and adhere to best practices

Key Features:

  • Trade deposits and loans: Access to almost 80 market makers Broad currency range: Ability to diversify holdings with instruments available in all the currencies traded on the FXall platform
  • Competitive pricing: Comparing prices from multiple market makers makes it easy to identify the best rates
  • Roll trades and positions: Roll an entire position for a given currency and value date in one transaction
  • Chat messaging: Bilateral ‘chat’ enables you to finalize rates/amounts with your market maker
  • Automated confirmation messages: Automates Settlement Center confirmations via SWIFT 320     


Money Market Funds

The Most Comprehensive Money Markets Offering
FXall offers treasury clients access to more than 250 domestic and offshore money markets funds for greater diversification of your holdings. Use FXall Trading to access money markets funds through SunGard Global Network (SGN), which is fully integrated with all treasury management systems.

Diversify Your Short Term Investment Returns
Through money markets products you can enhance returns and manage your cash holdings more effectively while diversifying your short term investment returns. SunGard allows you to research, analyze, trade and report on more than 250 money market funds to identify the right investments for your specific needs.


  • One-stop solution for FX and money markets trading
  • Research, analyze, trade and report on more than 250 money market funds
  • Dynamic research tools allow search by:
    • Credit Rating
    • Cut-off Time
    • Fund Type
    • Asset Class


  • Set compliance rules, concentration limits and fund ownership restrictions
  • Automate manual processes and integrate your operations
  • Ensure transparent, competitive pricing and demonstrate best execution
  • Track portfolio performance and holdings against all available funds  

*Brokerage products and services offered by SGN are provided by SunGard Global Execution Services Limited, authorised and regulated by the FSA

Enhanced compliance through automated audit trails 
By automating money markets trading, FXall helps clients reduce risk and tighten internal control, facilitating compliance with accounting standards and operational risk capital requirements. A full audit trail is generated from every trade, enabling organizations to track trading activity and adhere to best practice guidelines.

Competitive pricing 
Compare rates from multiple market makers to easily identify the best rate for each transaction. Negotiate with market makers to further refine rates and amounts. Once a trade is completed, comprehensive reporting tools make it easy to demonstrate best execution.  

Seamless STP 
Post-trade workflow is simple with FXall. After deals are completed, details flow to FXall’s post-trade platform Settlement Center for electronic confirmation and settlement instruction. Automated matching makes it possible to identify potential problems as soon as they arise, avoiding the costs and frustration associated with failed trades. FXall integrates seamlessly to users’ in-house systems through QuickConnect, delivering true straight-through processing for the full deal lifecycle.