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Order Book (ECN)

An anonymous ECN with advanced order types


Order Book combines the best liquidity and speed from FXall's former Accelor platform and Citi's former active trading platform which was acquired in January 2010.

Multiple order types
Diverse, sophisticated order types help you make smarter decisions, faster, and simplify your trading.

  • Variable TWAP Order: execute an order over a period of time while controlling market impact. Invisibly sends pieces of the master order into the market on an IOC (Immediate or Cancel) basis at predefined time intervals with control over parameters such as time horizon, lot size, execution style, and market conditions
  • Pegged Order: move your order with the market bid or offer at a specified offset or number of points from the market quote. Also available With Discretion to be more aggressive in gathering liquidity while still having the opportunity to earn a spread by directing the system to trade on bids/offers that come within the discretion range of the posted order being worked at a fixed offset to the market
  • Market At Best Order: trade at the current best price without being visible in the order book. If the inside price is not enough to fill an entire order, the remaining quantity is filled by subsequent price levels until the entire order is completed
  • Limit Order: post at the limit price or sweep all available market liquidity to the specified limit price so the aggressor gets any price improvement. Also available With Discretion to work a display price and additionally act aggressively to take liquidity based on the predefined "discretion"
  • Iceberg Order (Limit Order With Reserve): a variation on the limit order that displays only a portion of the actual order quantity in the order book, while making the full amount available for execution if the offsetting interest is shown without losing time price priority
  • Hidden Order: rests invisibly in the order book to be filled by any orders entered at or better than the hidden order price within the order parameters and can potentially receive price improvement in a positively trending market

Trade in a trusted, neutral environment
FXall never acts as a principal in the market, so we never compete with you for liquidity. 

Streamline and improve your workflow
Flexible, industry leading transaction workflow solutions are embedded in our trading platform. Multiple STP options make integration simple, including FIX and bespoke integration with any TMS or OMS using our advanced integration tools.

Proven high performance technology
FXall’s market-leading technology lets you trade with the market, not behind it.