solutions & capabilities

QuickTrade (Request for Stream)

QuickTrade provides traders with a state-of-the-art request for stream service from our market makers. Simply log in and select the currency pairs you would like to trade - QuickTrade delivers fast, automated prices from FXall's market makers straight to your desktop, meaning even the largest transactions can be executed in seconds.

Features include:

  • Trade spot, forwards, swaps, options and NDFs all through one interface
  • The ability to trade NDFs online with STP benefits - you agree a fixing date along with all the other trade details, while Settlement Center completes the process by sending the additional NDF details to your market maker at confirmation time
  • Tools to automate the workflow for customers with separate internal accounts
  • Fractional pricing gives you the extra information you need to ensure you trade at the best price

  • Broken dated forward rate monitor
  • Difference columns shows price difference from best price
  • Best price buttons clearly indicate best price
  • Indicative Quotes always provide a reference, benchmark price
  • Deal log and audit trail provide transaction details     

Additional Functionality

  • Roll and split previously executed trades with one click from the blotter
  • Automated connectivity using the FIX protocol