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Enterprise Solutions

Wholesale solutions for FX providers to build your customer base

FXall offers the technology which powers its various liquidity platforms to customers on a hosted, installed or white label basis.

The technology portfolio supports a range of trading styles and a range of workflow applications to help traders, salespeople and end-customers do their job more efficiently. Originally developed to support the sophisticated connection of a diverse population of external end-customers to a diverse population of external market makers, the technology has been adopted by a number of customers to support their internal application requirements.

Many wholesale financial institutions face the same challenges internally, and have a wish to connect their customers to their own internal sources of liquidity, to manage orders for cash or derivative trades, and to optimise internal flows … but without having to re-invent the wheel.

FXall is able to position itself as a solutions vendor because in addition to this technology portfolio, it has local presence and support capability across the globe, a first-class reputation for customer service and an impressive set of reference clients with whom FXall has worked with to implement these solutions.

The range of offerings includes:  

  1. Commercial grade bank-side internal Order Management System for managing and executing limit and resting orders -
    Customer Order Management System (COMS)
  2. End to end FX trading systems branded the way you want -
    FXone White Label
  3. Matching engine to enable you to give your clients your own Order Book to be used internally and/or offer your clients customized matching rules -
    Internal Matching Technology

For more information on FXall’s Enterprise Solutions, please contact us.