solutions & capabilities

Customer OMS

FXall’s Customer Order Management System (COMS) was designed as an automated system for managing spot FX, NDFs, and metals for institutional and retail customer orders. FXall’s COMS offers multiple real-time Monitor and Blotter windows with the ability to individually customize each, giving your sales team a high level of control.  By adopting our technology to serve your business, you benefit from well-established technical, operational and account support, freeing up resources to focus on your core competencies.  You can benefit from a well-tested platform that is used daily by some of the most sophisticated organizations.  

Key Features

  • Fully functional Order Management System: Originally specified by one of the world's largest banks.
  • Platform architecture designed for high volume usage: Caters to thousands of users in hundreds of sites handling a multitude of live orders.
  • Open architecture: Designed with a sophisticated set of open APIs. 
  • Installed or hosted deployment: Both software solutions are available depending on your requirements. Color coding for close-to-market and missed orders updates on every price tick.

Key Benefits

  • All the functionality you need: Handles a sophisticated array of order types so you do not need to build this infrastructure in-house.
  • Reliability and scalability: You can depend on our system performance which will scale regardless of the size of your operation.
  • Easy integration: Connect to your existing order capture and liquidity systems or we can do it for you.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Multiple cost and configuration options.  
  • Dynamic position totaling enables you to know your position at any market price.    

State-of-the Art Order Monitoring  

  • Summary Monitor provides site-wide overview of the state of the order book by currency.
  • Single currency pair ladder Monitor superimposes streaming market bid/offer price.  
  • Multi-currency Monitor arranges orders for multiple currency pairs together in a single window.
  • Users can create an infinite number of custom Blotter windows for monitoring orders, each with a different filter.
  • Full order audit history viewable from every Monitor and Blotter screen.  

Sophisticated Order Management

  • Configurable rules validate whether orders coming into the system qualify for automatic acceptance or require manual acceptance.
  • Pass orders instantaneously, either individually or in bulk, or take away from current monitoring if permissioned.
  • Compliant with customer name masking regulatory requirements.
  • Print from Blotters and Monitors.