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Internal Matching Technology

Internal liquidity pools are often an untapped resource as internal matching can be a difficult and lengthy process. FXall’s proven, low latency ECN and matching engine gives you the option to cross internally before going to external exchanges. Internal flows from multiple sources can be integrated using FXall’s Order Book technology which you can also make available to your select clients via API or GUI within a branded liquidity pool. A key benefit of internalizing order matching with a fast, scalable automated system is the cost savings gained through achieving best execution without having to pay transaction costs on each side of the transaction, in addition to reduced operating risk resulting from fewer trades.

  • Tailor your liquidity to each client segment:
    • Relationship clients who prefer to trade in full-amounts
    • Relationship clients who wish to aggregate liquidity from multiple sources
    • Retail distributors and broker dealers who direct flow based on service levels
    • Banks who want to be served as clients
    • ECN clients trading via GUI or API
  • Utilize several methods to interact with these clients:
    • Interest-only streams
    • Two-way streaming prices, tiered by the client segment
    • Aggressing via an internal GUI or aggregator
  • You determine:
    • Which segments to participate in
    • What liquidity to supply each segment
  • Take advantage of FXall’s proven low-latency matching technology
  • Deliver your own tailored solutions to your internal branch, retail, broker dealer, bank or active trader clients
  • Leverage FXall’s on-going investments as part of your single dealer solution
  • Support varied workflows for all customer segments
  • Access existing integrations with major OMS and TMS vendors  

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