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Execution Quality Analysis

Optimizing execution quality 

While risk management and compliance are critical components of foreign exchange trading, execution strategy is equally crucial to performance. That’s why as part of FXall’s ongoing commitment to invest in our clients’ needs, we have developed our proprietary Execution Quality Analysis (EQA) reports. EQA analyzes our clients’ trading over time according to multiple metrics in order to help clients assess the effectiveness of their current execution strategy.  

FXall’s multifaceted EQA report analyzes our clients’ trading across multiple criteria which can be used to determine efficiency of execution strategy. We evaluate the distribution of trades and their impact on savings and spread according to several criteria including currency pair, trade size and time of day. In addition, monthly reports provide benchmark market data from FXall’s trading platform with respect to response time, average spreads and market highs and lows, to enable our clients to analyze their own trading against the market.

What impact does the size of my trade have on spread?

How does my trading compare with the highs and lows of the day?

EQA Features

  • Reports are delivered monthly or quarterly
  • Clear charts summarize activity
  • Detailed spreadsheets allow in-depth analysis
  • Comprehensive EQA Report Reference Guide shows how each chart should be interpreted

EQA Benefits

  • Comprehensive trade performance overview
  • Consultation with your Relationship Manager
  • Understand the effectiveness of your execution strategy and evaluate alternatives   

Interpreting Data

A knowledgeable FXall Relationship Manager will present your report results together with the EQA Report Reference Guide, to help you analyze and interpret the data. Based on an analysis of the data, FXall can recommend enhancements to your current execution strategies that will help you to better achieve your execution objectives.                   


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