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Trade Workflow Solutions

Beyond execution, FXall delivers straight-through processing covering the entire transaction lifecycle, minimizing risk and dramatically improving efficiency

With FXall's industry-leading Trade Workflow Solutions, we deliver straight-through processing and end-to-end integration for the entire transaction lifecycle, dramatically improving efficiency, helping you control costs, and minimizing risk to meet today’s more rigorous control and compliance demands.

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End-to-end trading solutions:

  • Real-time integration with your order management system, treasury management system, and messaging services supporting every major messaging format, with the ability to generate customized/proprietary formats.
  • Support for on- and off-platform transactions, both electronic trading and deal entry for phone trades.

Workflow management:

  • Streamline workflow and implement your preferred process through our platform.
  • Support for multiple entities, multiple users and multiple roles.

Ease of integration to your environment

Hedge funds and CTAs with rules-based trading models can automate trading on Bank Streams through one of our APIs, including Java* and Microsoft COM*, or our FIX messaging gateway. The API makes it possible to integrate FXall Trading directly into existing in-house trading systems GUIs. By tapping into the deep liquidity available on FXall, it makes it possible to process high transaction volumes quickly, whether you’re trading automatically or on demand.

FIX: One quick connection, almost 80 market makers
FXall's FIX messaging gateway provides customers with a single point of access to almost 80 market makers and custodians, making FIX implementation fast, cost-effective and virtually painless. Integration engineers guide you through the process. Not only do we have the tools to make integration easy, each client is also assigned an integration engineer to guide them through the process. They will work with you to understand your requirements, and determine which solution best meets your needs, before helping you create an integration plan, carry out necessary testing, and complete the implementation itself. Having grasped an understanding of your needs, our professionals are also able to tailor a particular solution for you.

Settlement Center automatically handles all confirming, matching and settlement to streamline your workflow process. Deals auto-executed via our platform can be set up to flow automatically into Settlement Center, providing seamless straight-through processing for confirmation matching, netting and settlement preparation.  

Since we know that every client environment is unique, QuickConnect, FXall’s messaging adapter, is the ultimate STP solution, seamlessly automating the workflow between buy and sell-side systems. We support all public and proprietary messaging protocols in the marketplace, enabling clients to connect quickly and easily to our system.

FXall’s Partner Channel makes it even easier to realize the benefits of STP. We have worked with 50 leading treasury and order management vendors to ensure that their systems interface seamlessly with FXall. For users of these systems, the hard work has already been done.