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Treasury Center

FXall’s Treasury Center is an advanced, automated pricing tool for bank salespeople or for use in corporate treasurers’ internal dealing.

FXall's Treasury Center consists of two key components: Bank Dealer and Corporate Dealer. Corporate treasurers who trade on FXall can access both components.

FXall Bank Dealer allows FXall's market makers who do not have an automatic rate engine to send fully automated prices to their clients, and adds fully automated price making for the banking community. Bank Dealer allows a central corporate treasury to make automated prices on demand to internal clients, who in turn are able to execute immediately with the central treasury desk.

FXall's Corporate Dealer allows internal clients of corporations to submit deal requirements to the central treasury of the corporation. Those trade requests can then either be dealt to settle internally with the central treasury as a counterpart or sent directly to external bank counterparts by members of the central treasury FX execution desk. Once completed, internal clients will benefit from FXall's fully implemented STP Suite allowing for automated booking into the clients treasury management system.